Jade Necklace

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Heart Chakra, Anahata. Heart chakra rules heart, lungs, respiratory system & thymus. It brings love, compassion, empathy & forgiveness while its ruling element is air. Here we have paired this gorgeous drop stone jade necklace with a dash of hematite. Wearing this necklace aligns your Anahata Chakra for Jade is the dreamers stone. Jade brings realization to ones potential & purpose. This green stone releases all suppressed emotions. While the jade is softening the heart the small pieces of hematite grounds you, help to sort out the mind, & brings a calming atmosphere.

- This necklace is approximately 17 to 18 inches long
- For more information please email us at crystalunderground@comcast.net or call 4435385515 to speak with me directly.

Materials: jade,hematite

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